MIB-3 Unable to store Favourite Destinations


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Aug 25, 2009
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Certainly since the software for my MMI system was updated during a service in April, but maybe it was the case before then, if I try and save "Home" Destination in the car, it usually fails to Astaire it, such that when I press the "Home" button on the mower touch screen it says no destination is stored. Likewise if I try and save a destination as a "Favourite" it says there is no space although there are no favourites stored. yesterday I performed a full factory reset and it allowed me to add a "Home" destination and store favourites, however when I went back to the car later all these had been deleted and I was back to the situation previously described. Also if I send a destination to the car from the App it tells me it has been successfully sent but it is not there when I go to the car. The car is also unable to remember previous destinations. Wondering if this is fault unique to my car or is it a common bug with the latest release of the MMI software