Mfsw with paddles and cruise fitted - buttons not working or paddles :(


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As above car went in to the garage and has had all the parts fitted to my 2005 a4 1.8t auto which were

Multi function steering wheel with paddle shift (from A8 2005)
cruise control with correct module (midline module)
New airbag loom. (4f0-971-589-k)

the cruise works perfectly and all has been coded in correctly.

however the buttons on the wheel none of them work atall and not giving a reading to the vcds tool?
same for the paddle shifts no response on the tool and again don't work.

it all lights up however when the ignition is turned on so must be getting power to it?

just a bit annoyed as a lot of time spent researching and sourcing parts aswell as money has been invested in this mini project and seems to be to no success

I'm stuck now as to what could be the issue, the wheel was from an A8 2005 so not sure if this was a issue? I did notice the small plug from the wheel had 3 wires and the one going to it from the airbag loom had 5 wires so possibly this may be the issue?. Or if it could be a faulty module just weird how it all lights up?

Would be great if anyone can help out or has had these same issues as really want it to work

thanks blake


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Hi Blake,

In the B7 A4's you also need to replace the slipring to enable MFSW features.

If you remove your slipring, you'll notice that it is an 8-pin plug, however only 4 pins will be populated.

This should resolve the issue.