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Mercedes gave us 3 AMGs for the day!

NFox Feb 22, 2017

  1. NFox

    NFox S3 Black Edition Team Phantom Audi S3 Black Edition

    So aside from my day job and spending most of my spare time with filming and cars I also help run a local car club in somerset. We are often contacted by various companies to pop by to check out their premises and car stock etc and a little while ago we had a Mercedes dealership contact us.

    They had a line up of AMG demo cars they were happy to lend us for the day which included an AMG GT, G63 and CLA45. All three of them were quite superb in their own right, most surprising being the CLA45 it really won me over and had me looking at the A45 for a little while after but don't panic, the S3 is staying!

    Non the less here is a little video from the day, unfortunately I didn't get nearly enough footage as I was having too much fun driving but you get the idea :)

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    The a45 is an animal haven't sat in a rs3 yet but sat in a golf r then straight after 45 it blew me away and scared the living day lights of of me the way it pulls and comes on boost is like nothing I've felt befor for Mercedes first hot hatchback its thumbs up from me
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  4. NFox

    NFox S3 Black Edition Team Phantom Audi S3 Black Edition

    It is an absolute hoon tbh, the performance they have extracted from a 2.0 engine from the factory still blows my mind! And the pops and bangs, allbeit synthetic, add to the drama and make it great fun to drive!

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