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Memory Seat/Mirrors Retrofit not working - What am I missing?

Darrenkellum Jun 15, 2017

  1. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Hi Guys

    Sorry if you have seen this in the B7 areas but i've been working on this retrofit for a few weeks and I just cant seem to get it working. I followed much of the DIY 1 and 2 from the Audizine forum plus a few other versions on other forums.

    I also have a wire diagram attached below.

    So this is what I have

    Memory Switch T10 T32 (window regulator)
    3-----------------------------Brown (lock)
    6-----------------------------Blue/Brown (lock)

    Red T10 under seat T20 A-Pillar
    10(gr/blk)------------------------4------------------------to pin 10 (Black T10 of window regulator)

    I didn't have a green/black wire continuing from the other side of the T20 A-Pillar connector (Pin 4 as above) to the door card window regulator, so i've added a repair wire from T20 pin 4, through the door hinge bellows, to pin 10 of the black T10 of the window regulator.

    My memory switch buttons lights up, but it still wont move the seats.

    Questions I have

    1) My Red T10 under the seat does not currently have a connection wire in the top of the plug (Pin 10) its just empty. Does anyone have information on whether there is supposed to be a wire from there going somewhere? I presume there should be one (maybe to a connector under the seat) otherwise the green/black wire travelling to the T20 A-Pillar pin 4 has no signal to carry.

    2) Does anyone know of any other reason why this wouldn't be working by now? Any more connections to make? VCDS to code?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Wire diagram also on this site (page 6/16) - interestingly shows the red T10 (pin 10) going to T20 A-Pillar (pin 10) not pin 4 as per my other diagram. I've checked my T20 A-Pillar and definitely has the wire arriving in pin 4 not pin 10. Everything else seems to be the same.
  4. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Does anyone know a retrofitting company in / near London who may be able to help get my memory seat retrofit working? I need to just leave my car with someone else to have a go now since I seem to have failed.

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  5. ch1z64

    ch1z64 C'mon you's bhoy's in Green Team Imola TFSI Owners Group Silver Supporter Team Sprint Audi S3 Manual

    you might want to get a hold off @NHN as i think he does retrofitting and sure he is kinda close to London or have a look at the sponsors page there could be someone in there who can help
  6. Darren92

    Darren92 Well-Known Member

    @Ash187 is London based IIRC.
  7. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Cheers guys I had NHN come out the other week to fix a few bits and check out the seats. He found my electric easy entry module under the drivers seat had a corroded board which was the reason my seat stopped going back and forth. He's also not sure my cab has the right modules for memory seats. Might require a bit more time, work and or parts to get working. My wife and I have a baby due in 2 weeks so gonna need to put that on hold.

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  8. Darrenkellum

    Darrenkellum Active Member

    Thought I'd add some more notes here in case anyone else has a go at this retrofit for their cabriolet.

    I've been chatting to a French guy on the Audi Passion forums who's doing this as well and he figured out quite a few things that I didn't.

    If anyone wants to read the thread on that forum it's

    Essentially the cabriolet has an easy entry module under the seat which lets you use the buttons at the top of the seat to move back and forward. That module (part 8H0959760A) is not a memory module. So you need to add a second module with memory, part 8H0959760.

    There is a particular wiring harness for under the seat with two connectors to connect each module - I believe the part number is 8H0971384D. That was taken off an American Eby listing (152823284262). I think there are slight variations on that part number as I looked up for my 2007 S4 cab and the database seemed to say 8H2971384J. Photo of the harness below.

    Next the motors, apparently you have to make sure the seat motors have 4 pins, not 2. I'm unsure if my S4 has 4 pins as standard as I've not checked, but I imagine not. The French guy went out and bought a seat rail with the 4 pin motors to replace the old one.

    With all those things done it should work, however he did also need to recode module 63 which is the seat module. New coding for him had to be 00002. Mine is set to 00005 currently and setting it to 2 made it error, although the seat still moved. French guy said while reviewing tests on module 63 at number 126, he had no values showing until he coded it to 00002.

    TBH it's more than I can now be bothered to finish.

    Good luck anyone else taking this on!


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