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Recently upgraded from an 2004 A3 to a 2012 A5 Coupe and there's a few questions I'm trying to answer which are not in the handbooks.

Can you change the direction on the computer scroll direction? As clockwise to go up just seems backwards?

Secondly, what's my options for using an iPhone as my audio source? Currently I can connect my phone via Bluetooth for calls only it seems? It won't play music and I am using the aux input in the arm rest at the moment with a brodit pro clip mount set up for phone access as you have to manually control the music.

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Hi, we can fit the Audi Ami system with a wireless unit to stream, please pm if that is of interest :)


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Hey, I've trolled through all the settings on my A5 and unfortunately I couldn't find anything to switch the scroll settings. You just have to get used to it unless someone can code it in for you?

Secondly, as far as I'm aware, you can only answer calls when connected via bluetooth. streaming will have to be done via the AUX cable which you have already mentioned. Maybe a streaming unit like NHN mentioned above do the trick for you but I don't know how much it costs. Personally I just use USB sticks and save my music on there. Yes its a pain constantly updating your library on there but I haven't found a better solution. I have seen radio streaming devices which just plug into your cigarette lighter and then you tune it to that frequency and play via your radio but the quality is much lower than playing an MP3 file from directly within the AMI.


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I'm guessing c_tahoe, like me, has a Concert radio (or perhaps Symphony) so a USB stick is not a standard option. I have tried filling up an 8GB SDHC card (the radio firmware seems to be the upgraded version) but when I put the SD card into the radio and select an album, it runs through all the tracks - and says that most of them are unreadable (I am using the Apple standard of file AIFF).

So far the only other option I have found is to use the iPhone with 3.5mm jack to the Aux socket in the arm rest, but as suggested, its a bit of a pain having another cable trailing across the car and I do like to have the phone in a Brodit clip so that I can use it as a satnav when needed.

NHN - I have read somewhere that an AMI cable can be installed - what does this offer and how does it work with the Concert system ? Will it charge the phone ? (iPhone 6 so would need to have a USB connector and use my own lightning cable I guess). Would it be run from near the ashtray, the glovebox, or somewhere else ?

I did also wonder if there was a way of initiating Siri from the MFSW ?

Frustratingly, I don't have Cruise control fitted on this car so might be looking at that for an upgrade as well.


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Hey, I've noticed that some music files don't play either but that's usually because it is the wrong format. As long as they are mp3 format, it should play without any issues from your memory card.