May have just bought an 8L S3


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Hey All,

Well after never rating A3's or anything VAG for that matter, I curently own an AGU A3 and will soon be collecting a 225 8L S3 as my daily instead of my crappy Focus Diesel!


Don't suppose anyone recognises it? Looked pretty clean and even had a R-Tech TIP on it.

Cheers guy, hopefully this won't let me down!


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nice, good luck with it.

you will just spend loads on it to get more fun!!!!



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Thanks guys,

It'll get new bushes, springs and a map most likely. Nothing too much I just want to keep it nice. I saw 2 in grey which I preferred colour wise but they were not nice examples :(

It'll be by far the fastest car I've owned so hopefully I'll be content for a while haha.


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Was it on Ebay? I never think to look on there! Haha.

I've put down a deposit so far pending its MOT and few bits I mentioned on test drive - rear washer, cup holder didn't work etc.

Lets just say he didn't want to budge on price lol.


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Ah ok, the guy had another S3 plus a 180 Quattro that looked quite decent. Specializes in A3, plenty of 8P's there.

Doesn't seem to be much choice around without travelling a lot.


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Yeah, I'm in no rush to buy and have to wait until the bird gets her company car, then I get her TT which will be chopped in for an S3..