Maximum boost K04-0064 on A3 (Help please!)


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I read loads of threads asking about whats the maximum boost I could run on my A3.
The issue is that I own a 1.8tfsi 2007 (chain, not belt) DSG (FWD)version which no one seem to have it.
Lets talk about the mods i got:
- Straight pipe, downpipe 3" all the way
-K04-0064 off a S3
- Big *** intercooler Airtec
- Ramair oversized tip Induction kit
- S3 injectors
- Uprated actuator

No internals were upgraded. My question is, how much boost can I push before I bend the rods?
Its currently set up at 13psi (it shows on my boost controller).

Thank you all