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Max power from a 3.0TDI

ion2211 May 10, 2018

  1. ion2211

    ion2211 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I have an 08 A4 3.0TDI Manual (CAPA engine)

    It has been stage 1 remapped and is currently pushing 312Bhp & 660Nm


    I am wondering what further improvements I can make to further increase the power/torque without upgrading the turbo.

    I believe the turbo in my car is a GTB2260VK and I remember reading somewhere that the max power that the turbo can handle is 320bhp? Not sure if this is accurate or not?

    I am just wondering if there are any more easy gains to be had with my current set up or if trying to get more power would be pointless without upgrading the Turbo?

    PS. Since the stage 1 remap I have also added a RamAir panel filter and replaced the 2 back-boxes with straight pipes.

    Appreciate your opinions..
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  3. kanecullen89

    kanecullen89 Active Member

    @desertstorm knows all about the capabilities of the 3.0 tdi!
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  4. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    It's all been quite well discussed in one of your previous posts.
    The standard turbo is the limiting factor. There aren't any really meaningful improvements without upgrading it.
    A bigger FMIC is probably about the best mod now assuming you are keeping the DPF and standard turbo.
    @bobby singh knows a lot more about these than I do as he had tuned many. The car is on a Dyno Dynamics rolling road, known as the heartbraker dyno as they typically read lower/ more accurately than most other dynos.
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  5. ion2211

    ion2211 Active Member

    Thanks @desertstorm , had forgotten about that thread, but that was before the car was actually dyno'd.

    Since then I have put in a RamAir panel filter and chopped off the back-boxes (had a separate thread about that too :D )

    Ideally I would like to keep the DPF in-place as removing it would release too much noise I think.

    I was thinking along the likes of a FMIC (by Airtec) and a 4bar MAP sensor and another remap to release the potential of these mods in addition to the RamAir panel filter and back-box-ectomy. Surely there are some gains to be had there??

    As for DynoDynamics, I'm not too familiar with Dyno's- but I take it that you mean my power current figures are Accurate or even under-estimated, therefore actual BHP might be higher and closer to "the max power limit"?
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  6. bobby singh

    bobby singh BSR VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 quattro

    Drop me a pm if you want a VK hybrid - with support mods will make over 400hp
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  7. ion2211

    ion2211 Active Member


    What other support mods would be needed to support that turbo?
  8. bobby singh

    bobby singh BSR VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 quattro

    Cp1 should get you around 400hp
    CP3 more power and will be more stable

    Sensors upgrade
    DPF will need to go
    Decent intercooler like wagner

    Decent tuning
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  9. ion2211

    ion2211 Active Member

    @bobby singh You have me daydreaming about this VK hybrid turbo youve offered.

    Is it a straight fit replacement for my existing turbo?

    Also how would i know if i have a CP1 or CP3 pump?

    Do you have an Ad for the hybrid vk turbo? ... what sort of money would you be after?
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  10. bobby singh

    bobby singh BSR VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 quattro

    All CAPA’s have cp1 pump.
    No advert - I had it made for someone but they never turned up.

    Drop me a pm and we can take it from there.

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