Matts A4 B8 2.0tdi exhaust sound XD


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So not been on here in a while but the dpf on my A4 2.0tdi was dying so I thought I would gut it and get it mapped again but then I thought meh.... Why not upgrade the turbo also :) .. So I brought myself a nice hybrid turbo bv43.. also had a limiter made up in the map too :D and for a diesel it sounds pretty good !

Will get pics of the car on the dyno later when my computer sorts it self out !!!

But car is running 212bhp & 458NM torque!!! not bad considering it started at 143hp and only 320nm



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What was the total cost of doing all the work? Parts & Labour?


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That sounds amazing. Where did you get the turbo from and what advantages does a hybrid turbo have over the stock one?


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Air filter still the same just a k&n panel filter

Turbo is from a guy called xman turbos I got the dyno runs, turbo, dpf del, custom map, brakes changed, oil changed, temp sensor changed, hardcut limiter and launch for £1500 incl fitting
The cat is still in place so it was just the dpf gutted.. But the sound of it going is amazing!!
And still returns 45mpg if I drive tidy

But I had the straight through system last year and that cost about £700.

But the power when you 'lightly' press the accelerator is unreal! So much torque :)


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