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John@ECM-TECH Sep 14, 2016

  1. John@ECM-TECH

    John@ECM-TECH Owner Site Sponsor

    Hi all please see here it' pre-production for delivery in 6-8 weeks, early adopters (sale purchase) save £500.00 and will have input into the software during the BETA stages.

    It will be modular product with Possibly Porsche or VAG UDS cars next (UDS I don't thin allows RAM logging on SIMOS so something will take it's place.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via PM or here.

    The product will require a J2534-2 cable to work, most of you should have one in, if not I can supply ruggedised SETEK ones with manufacturer warranty for £500 there are also cheaper ECM-TECH branded option, UK assembled ones , for £120, they come with a 2 year ECM-TECH hardware warranty..

    There are plans for slave encrypted loggers, depending on need/want, same goes for white labelling,

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