Mass Complaint - Engine Rattle

Would you be willing to provide yours and your cars details for a mass complaint to Audi UK?

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In my opinion .....
Just to understand the numbers ......who is actually willing to provide / be a part of a mass complaint email to Audi UK regarding the engine rattle issue that it seems a lot of us have?

Please only say Yes if you are OK to provide:

  • Full Name
  • Car VIN / Reg plate

That will be enough data to enable Audi to understand who we are and what our car details are.


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more than happy Dave. will pm you details. presumably you will be steering this for a resolve in ALL cases where details have been provided for works to be completed at respective owners dealers under warranty, assuming the outcome is positive?


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I've read about this noise now bear with me...

I bought a new s1. There was 7 in the country when I got mine. Countless issues and the one that pushed me over the edge was this rattle. It got louder and louder and louder to the point my radio could be on 16 and get drowned out by this rattle.

Long story now cut short.

They finally took it back and I've ordered an s3.

They informed me that the s3 has a rattle that is a characteristic of the vehicle...supposedly the same as the s1.

Although my s3 isn't even in build week yet (bw36) I would happily supply details of my S1.
Seeing as it got 33k shares on Facebook in one night . . .

Beluga S line

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I presume this is in relation to the S3 engine?


In my opinion .....
Not really sure what outcome to expect ......15 people have said yes so far and I don't think Audi will take any notice of that. I think we need more people to add to the complaint to make them listen. I am still following up with my local garage (Who have gone quiet again) for a resolution.

I would love to hear the response from Audi of somebody complaining they do not have the rattle :boxing: ......

I plan to complete the process with my local garage and once we have nothing further to discuss I will proceed with a follow up email to Audi UK where I feel the list of as many people as possible (With the rattle) will reinforce the email.

Going to call local Audi now


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X amount of s3's turning up at Audi hq would be brilliant.


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Yeah absolutely, I'll PM you my details.


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Is this the rattle releated to the Soundaktor? I had a rattle on MK7R and it was that so I had it turned off and all resolved.

Curious that turning it off removed the rattle but EA888 Gen 3 without the soundaktor still 'rattle'. Eg the 1.8TFSI


In my opinion .....
20 People willing to join the mass complaint .... 40 would be better ....or even 100 !!!!! Come On Peeps .....lets get ourselves heard!!


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Count me in, I will send my details to you shortly.

If you didn't follow my recent responses from the other page then these are the latest 2 from Audi regarding my 2015 S3's rattling turbo:

"I have liaised with both the Audi Centres and have gone through the technical reports for your vehicle with our Technical
Support Team. I understand that Birmingham Audi have also made you aware of an Audi technical bulletin that relates to your
concerns regarding noise.

Having discussed the technical bulletin with our Technical Support Team, I can confirm that the waste-gate flap and rods on the
turbo charger start to vibrate due to exhaust gas pulsations. These vibrations cause the noises. The function of the boost
pressure control is not affected. The vibration related noise is normal and operational. It is within the tolerance and not
detrimental to the vehicle’s performance. Our Technical Support Team has confirmed that currently there is no plan for any
production change regarding this.

I can confirm that neither of the Audi Centres has found any fault or manufacturing defect on your vehicle. They have concluded
that your vehicle is working as normal. Hence, no further investigation is required on this matter."

And another more recent reply:

"Whilst I appreciate your wish that the vibration related operational noise on your Audi S3 should be controlled, I can confirm
that our manufacturer has no plans to implement any amendment for the design of the waste gate flap and the turbocharger."

They are basically saying there is no fault and that the dreadful rasping metallic noise between 1300ish-2000ish RPM is a charactoristic and that the car was purposely designed to rattle.



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My current s1 i have had since last June, was one of first in country, no rattle. I hope my s3 that i am changing it for being built next week is ok when it comes !


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To be realistic, my best guess is that it will almost certainly rattle too. As part of the Audi technician's "proof" that it was a charactoristic of the car, they took me out in another S3 and it rattled too. I heard it pull off and a really tacky tinny metal sound was very evident


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But nothing in my s1 with same engine and not every s3 owner on here has the rattle either so seems subjective


In my opinion .....
I am still chasing this people .....had a few personal things to deal with the past few weeks, but I am back on it today and have emailed my local garage saying this>>>>>> (I also CC'd the head of business & Audi UK head office)

Good Afternoon Phil

I must say I am very disappointed that I am having to write this email, but after being ignored for over 3 weeks I feel it is now necessary. The last communication I had from you was that you would be confirming to me imminently when I should bring my car in to be heard from cold start up……….I have heard nothing from you…. I have left messages… I have emailed… Nothing?

My car is still making the noise I originally complained about 2 months ago and now it also has a loose drivers seat that “creaks” as I go round corners. I am not sure whether I had my expectations set too high when I decided to purchase an Audi S3 as I was under the impression that build quality would be premium and the customer service would be 1st class.

…but what I have found myself with is a car that rattles and creaks and customer service that is ignoring me.

With Kind Regards

David Northen

Within 2mins I had a call from Audi Head Office (The guy I was talking too before) and he is going to chase the local dealer for me and find out what's going on.

I must say ...... My opinion of Audi has changed dramatically now I own one lol


In my opinion .....
Car is going in tonight for 2 issues now. I am confident they will fix the creaky seat ....well...unless that is also a "Characteristic of the car" :whistle2:

The aim is to listen to my car from cold in the morning to fully understand the rattle noise as my last visit the car was warm and the rattle was not so apparent. What will they do after this...? ......Who knows ......? I am honestly trying to talk myself out of continuing this battle as I just have better things to do with my time ....but this morning on the way to work when my car was rattling away and sounding like a cheap bag of S**T I thought NO .....This really isn't right and they should not be able to feed me the BS I have heard so far. I will continue to fight it and will not accept anything but a fix ..... :rulez:....

....So .......we shall continue...:box:........ :superman: (Hopefully I get a nice courtesy car:redrs4: ......RS3 would be nice:sign wow:)


In my opinion .....
So they gave me this ........... and I still have it. Its been 3 days now :whistle2:

I actually miss my car ....this TT isn't my cup of tea :scared2:



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I love it! The dash is nice although not much use for the passenger!

Its silly, such amazing tech but only the driver can see it.

Good luck with the battle. Unfortunately I feel Audi will not give at all.....


I like the tuna here
I think I've had the metallic rattle from the engine since new. It doesn't really bother me to be honest. If anything goes wrong I know I have warranty. Audi don't flippantly say every noise is a characteristic of the engine, if it's a cause for concern then they will investigate and issue a solution.


I've 11k miles on mine - no rattle yet or I just can't hear it...


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Rattles in the engine , you guys are too fussy , used to drive a 405 m16 , they sounded like the factory left the spanners in the rocker cover


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Sorry but I have to say you're not going to get anywhere with this. The more people affected by the issue, the more likely it is to be an inherent trait of the engine and, as such, there'll be no chance on earth of it being fixed/changed.

If you do want to pursue it, you'd be better off getting the motoring press involved. They'll be more inclined to listen to a relatively small group of customers and could then bring more pressure to bear on the manufacturer.

Finally, I'm not sure exactly how "bad" these rattles are but you do need to remember that this is still "just" a basic four-cylinder engine and is never going to be the smoothest thing in the world. If you want perfect smoothness and silence, get something with a straight six :)


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Look up BMW r1150rt abs problems , a high percentage failed 2001-2005 ,BMW's solution even in the USA was to do nothing , I'm afraid at the end of the day a corporate accountant rules .


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I have made contact with someone at Audi who appears to have the authority and ability to action a fix for the turbo waste gate rattle. They have seemingly passed it onto the factory for review, however this person has also said that they need to monitor and collect data of others with the same issue (worldwide).

Therefore, before replying again it would be extremely helpful to pass on some names and details, possibly even VIN's of other S3 customers who happen to be experiencing the rattle too.

If you're interested please drop me a private message ASAP and I will include you in any further correspondence


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Might be best to put this guy in touch with David. He has a collection of VIN's with the problem.

Oliver Fish

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I'm willing to provide my information for this, but if you need a lot of responses to this then I would get in touch with David.


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Ive got it, if anyone needs my info, give me a shout!!

Doesn't put me off the car though! 5 months in and loving it


In my opinion .....
FYI to all ....I am no longer pushing this with Audi . I got my turbo replaced and it still rattles ....I have decided to just enjoy the car

Happy to assist with anyone that still wants to push this