Mass air flow sensor


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Hi everyone.

Need to change my mass air flow sensor as its showing up on vagcom, and its giving crap fuel economy! Got one on order (£52) are these easy to change? if so is there a guide or anything else that i need?

car is a 06 reg 2.0tdi BKD engine and obv an A3 =D

Many thanks in advance:)


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Mine was very easy to change when I replaced mine. You need a pair of hose clamp pilers and phillips screwdriver as far as I can remember.

You need to remove the MAF electrical connector, undo the screws (2 I think) that attatch the MAF to the airbox and then release the clamp holding the MAF onto the flexible pipe (I just move it alon the pipe rather than taking it off completley).

Pull the MAF out, refitting the new one should be the reverse of this.


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dude get it from euro car parts, will cost about £30!


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The 2 'screws' that hold the MAF in place are removed with a tool that looks like torx, but it has 5 points instead of 6 if you know what I mean. Probably wont get it in your local halfords anyway!


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ahh wicked guys seems simple, lets see if i can do it when it arrives on Monday!

@navnayyar - thats the price from euro car parts well its already been discounted the normal price is £69+ vat with a £20 surcharge, i picked it up for £52 inc vat and the surcharge so in total i pay £27! got all my brakes changed all round pads and discs picked it all up for £39 inc vat

Tps quoted £69.92 + vat plus surcharge.