Mapping out a intake manifold fault?


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i have the engine management light on! (it was intermittent , now full on)
my mechanic said it was the intake manifold and was expensive to fix. he suggested getting it mapped out..
he did turn it off yesterday via his computer (laptop). but on again.

is it ok to get it mapped out (@£80.00)
i was reading on the forum here about repair kits etc,
if its ok to get it mapped out then i am ok with it

thanks in advance


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If it's the swirl flaps then it could just be the connecting rod. It's about a tenner to change them. Mine had an intermittent warning light, changing the connecting rod fixed it.


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It depends what the fault code is, the swirl flap code was p2008 on mine.
If it's a different fault then you'll have to think again.