Q5 Manually folding power fold mirrors??


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Right guys and gals I need your help. Having searched through endless retrofit and non related folding mirror threads I still can't find my answer.

I have a 2014 '64 Q5 sline plus. I have power fold mirrors. They fold when car is locked. They unfold when key is in the ignition.
I have the menu option in the mmi to disable this as well and it works.

My problem is I'd like to manually fold them with the ignition on.

The obvious answer is to turn the dial on the door card to the 6'oclock position. This is where I'm stuck. My mirror switch doesn't have this option. I only have the two mirror adjustments and the heated option in the centre.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I'm wondering if the mirrors were added later, and whomever did the install didn't include the correct mirror switch?

I once ordered a new A3 with factory folding mirrors, which they didn't fit, so the dealer fitted locally in their workshop :wub:

Item #1 here clearly shows the switch with the mirror fold inscription. May be worth pulling yours and seeing what the part number is?

John :hi:


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I'll have a look but it was an approved used from Audi. With that in mind I wonder if the correct window switch would reinstate the function if I simply plugged one in?

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Should work woth new switch, if door modules are coded, given they fold already, one assumes the modules are coded correctly already.


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If it was a retrofit it was done in its first 3 years and it also included lane assist as I have the lights on the inside of the mirrors and the button on the stalk. I suppose I could check it's build code? Or ask Audi what options were ordered with the vehicle.

Either way I'll grab a replacement switch and see what happens

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If you install the MyAudi App on your phone you can check the build spec of your car for both standard and optional equipment.