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Man killed confronting thieves outside his home

Bugeye_bob Sep 14, 2016

  1. Bugeye_bob

    Bugeye_bob Registered User


    "A man has been stabbed to death while trying to stop a group of people from stealing a moped outside his home.

    The victim, named locally as Ricky Hayden, 27, confronted the four men in Chadwell Heath, east London, at 01:35 BST on Tuesday.

    He and his father both suffered knife wounds in the attack on Gibbfield Close and the son later died in hospital."

    I know it is a moped, but I own both cars and bikes, so it made me think, how far do you go?
    Especially after recent posts about people just walking in a unlocked door when people are about.
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  3. terminator x

    terminator x Registered User

    ****** horrific. Just can't understand why some people even carry knives and even more so by people prepared to use them too. All over a pissy moped. Just let them take it must be the moral of this story as sad as that is.

  4. PhxViper

    PhxViper Registered User

    That's awful.

    I've always thought in my head I'd confront someone out the window in the hope of getting caught might scare them off. In the event of being challenged / threatened with weapons or a group of them. I'd probably chuck them the key while the Misses calls the police.

    Cars can be replaced and that why we pay for insurance. Stuff that has happened in that story can't be undone.
  5. DolomiTTe

    DolomiTTe Registered User

    A very sad story.

    I keep my car keys downstairs. I'd rather them find them and take the car, than come upstairs looking while I'm asleep. I've had two cars stolen and it's an awful feeling, but better being paid out by the insurance than getting injured or worse. I don't suppose you think at the time, everyone reacts differently to such situations.
  6. 73pop

    73pop Registered User

    This keep mine in the back of the door and the other is alway on the fire place,
    i had an rs turbo stolen twice in 2 weeks in the 90's. its not a nice feeling at all.
    I have insurance and gap so i wouldn't care my self along as they didn't try to come upstairs.
  7. DolomiTTe

    DolomiTTe Registered User

    My brother has an RS Turbo, and he's recently contacted Google to ask them to totally pixelate his car beyond recognition on street view as you could clearly see it on his drive, he's that paranoid about it being stolen. They did it within hours. Mine were both Cavalier SRi's in the 90's.
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