Make your new car look like the concept car

Camouflage audi e tron gt car cover

Designed to mimic the introductory concept version of the E-Tron GT, the camouflage indoor car cover aims to reminisce the early stages of the four-door EV. With both the E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT coming now on their way to Audi showrooms worldwide, the automaker wants owners to consider adding this accessory when they pick up their cars.

Audi said that the car cover should fit the cars precisely, delivering protection from dust and dirt while still retaining their forms even under the sheets. The whole thing is designed in Ingolstadt and turned into reality by Audi's internal design department.

Is this accessory something that you want your German EV GT to have? This camo car cover has a price tag of around £570, which you can either buy online or in-store at participating authorised Audi dealerships.

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