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Hi guys,
I have a 14 plate S3 saloon (manual) and would like to make it a bit faster. I've looked in to getting a REVO Stage 1 re-map but I believe I'd require an up-rated clutch to handle the extra power. So that kind of makes it a lot more expensive than I had initially hoped.
Any ideas on how I can make it a bit faster without too much expense and with as few mods as possible? Not looking for RS3 speeds but just a bit more oomph...


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They do a low torque map suitable for manuals gearboxes, but depending on your driving style can still cause issues!

Best to upgrade clutch then go for remap!

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I have been told over and over my clutch will slip ect.
I have had my car re-mapped to its max, 150bhp to nearly 200bhp and I have not had any problems with the standard clutch.
Get the stage 1 and if you need a new clutch then get it, dont spend money you dont need to as your current one is rated very high anyway.

The only way to make your car faster as cheap as possible is a stage 1.
Mine cost me £225.00 and the guy was playing with it for nearly 6 hours, so it was a bagain as it was not a standard re-map.
He had a A3 already on file, but then he custom did my map from the base A3 map he had from another customer.

I was going to go with Revo, but was told the guy I took it to was very very good, I have been very happy for 6 months without issue.