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Make a claim against VW?

_Zerocool_ Nov 3, 2015

  1. _Zerocool_

    _Zerocool_ Registered User

    Hi all!

    Some may have seen that I recently had to pay £830 to have the injectors replaced on Mrs Zero's golf gti after one of the injectors got stuck open.

    I was just reading about the sales of goods act which provides a 6 year guarantee against defects in a product.

    Its a 60 plate so within the 6 years.

    I was just interested on hearing peoples thoughts/experiences about making a claim against VW to try and get my money back?

    I suppose they may say that it is usual wear and tear?

    The golf is completely standard with a full service history (not VW)

    Cheers ya'll
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  3. Y111_PJL

    Y111_PJL Registered User

    Try it, If you don't get anywhere then you'll find out if it was a lost cause or not.
    Worth pursuing though

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