Major Oil Problem on 2.0T Quattro - Help Please!?


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Hi peeps,

My brother in law has a (****** gorgeous) A5 2.0T Quattro (211) Coupe on an 09 plate with 40k miles on the clock and its been trouble free and great for the 12 months that he has owned it. A couple of weeks ago the car started losing oil and very soon various warning lights appeared on the dash suggesting that the oil level needed topping up.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the problem seems to be getting worse and now the car needs 0.5-1.0 litre of oil pretty much every day!

He's been to see a local mechanic who has told him that the 2.0T VAG lump is notorious for burning oil at an alarming rate and that it will need a new engine. Having heard this I'm more than a little sceptical and think there must be something a bit more obvious going on here.

The car is booked into Audi later in the week for them to look at but naturally I'm worried that they will just conjure up a horrific bill for him using the usual sledghammer to crack a nut mentality.

Can anyone let me know if indeed there is a known fault with these engines that could be causing this or if there is something else I should be looking for?

As far as I know the car has been properly serviced at the correct times up to now using the correct grade of oil.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Oh by the way, just for my own personal use what is the recommended grade of oil for this engine?