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Hi.I have a 2015 s3 saloon and I find the magride to be the worst suspension I’ve ever experienced. In particular, while driving over small bumps, speed bumps etc or driving off small kerbs especially when not straight on. Sometimes it is so harsh that I’m sure my head had almost hit the ceiling and windows .
Has anyone ditched the magride for something else?
Such as this?


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Just fit 18's, you wont have any issues and get your Magride callibrated.

Alternatively, if you do want to devalue your car by removing Magride, then Koni Special Actives shocks are the best there is.


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Thanks for the advice. Have you ever had Magride? As for devaluing the car I couldn’t care less. I would just keep the magride and throw it back in if I sell the car. I just came across your write up as it happens. I already have eibach pro springs so I think I will give the Koni special actives a go as they are really cheap