MAF sensor


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Took the car for full diagnostic scan today. I was told when I bought the car it had been mapped to 190 bhp. But it didnt really feel like it to me which is one of the reasons I took it to be checked, a little flat at times and not as responsive as I would expect. The Diagnostics guy told me it didnt feel quite responsive enough, not at all bad, but just not quite right and the figures showing from MAF were down a little. Unplugged the MAF went for a drive, much better. Reset fault code and he advised me to get a standard air filter not the K&N that was in there when I bought it. It was something I have been meaning to do, but just hadnt got around to it, but now I really will. I did quite alot of research a few years ago regarding air filters and came to the conclusion that standard was the way to go, especially compared to the few positives or gains made by adding it. The guy doing the diagnostics pointed out that just changing the filter wouldnt def fix the problem but try it, failing any improvement, it means getting a new MAF sensor. Which looks like a simple enough job, but is there anything I need to be aware of, and, how much for the genuine part?.


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Theres not alot to it tbh definately get a genuine one and also they will take your old one in exchange although you dont have to do this but its cheaper to give your old one to them most places sell recon units not sure about the dealer but recons are fine and have warranty. As for prices check the dealer but also gsf car parts or euro car parts can have good prices you can get a price online with these. Hope this helps.