MAF Sensor Help


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Pulled my MAF sensor at the weekend with the intention of giving it a clean. My sensor seems to be missing a part, looks like it's supposed to have some external wire and a resistor.

Mine looks like this


Should it actually look like this???


I just assumed that i must have knocked the wire off when i removed the sensor so I put one on order from eurocarparts. However the car runs fine with no CEL with the MAF refitted.

Help would be appreciated as if it's not supposed to have this wire attached I may be wasting £60.



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It's a bosch one I have on order. It's on hold at the minute until I can confirm if I've knocked that wire and resistor off.

From what I can gather online the wire and resistor would be soldered on and not just clipped in place. There is no solder on my maf where the wire would be.

I'm going to log my airflow tonight. If the maf is still working then ill be cancelling my order