Maf cleaned this morning. Is this gap at the side normal.


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I cleaned my maf this morning, as car has a stutter and thought it would not harm to clean it. I have never done it before.

All cleaned but when I put it back together I noticed a gap at the side, is this normal.

Also I used electrical contact cleaner, do I need to leave it for a certain length of time before I use the car again. I.e drying time for the contact cleaner.


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That hole in the side looks well wrong. Like it's been fitted with the wrong MAF or housing you unscrewed.
The hole needs to be sealed to avoid false readings by MAF.
Use something like araldite.. i.e a hard setting compound.


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Is that the airbox which it is attached to? If it is then it won't be giving a false air reading but it will be unfiltered air, which is not ideal.


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There should be a short pipe attached to where the MAF is currently fitted, the MAF then screws to the pipe.


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Thanks for all the info. How can I tell if it's the wrong maf, does it have a specific part number. I am wondering if this is what is causing the stuttering at 50km hr, I am getting every time I set off. It clears after 20 seconds or so. Could the air gap be causing thei, if it should not be there.