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Thinking of machine polishing an Audi A3 2011 was just wondering what is the minimum paint thickness needed to do the job, would be using a da polisher thanks in advance

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wouldn't say there is a minimum but you'd need to measure what you have on the car to find out?


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Thanks for reply what sort of figure/number should i be looking for as a rough guide

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Good method is to measure the paint depth in the door sill. Use this as your minimum

Typically my car had about 80 in the door sill and the other panels were around 120. You will only shave off 2/3 microns so have plenty to work with if this is the case.

If you have any panels with very high readings relative to the others, it's usually a sign that it's been repainted.


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It all depends what you are removing. If it's just swirls and light marring them I wouldn't worry about depth. You only need to worry about depth if you are removing deep scratches. Also with a DA you will remove less than with a rotary.
Just start with the least abrasive polish and pad combo you can get away with to do the job.