Machine polishers

Mark S

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Can anyone recommend a decent mid-range machine polisher? I've never really used one before so something forgiving would definitely be best. I want to try and remove the swirl marks (one of the curses of having a black car) and a light scratch courtesy of my girlfriend's handbag, but most importantly I want the car to have a deep shine!



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I have the kestrel DAS-6, it's very good indeed!

opinions will vary as to what pads and polishes to use but the DAS-6 is a very good DA and at £90 approx it won't break the bank


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I have the same as cloughy and I agree that its a good buy. I'd definately recommend a DA, they are alot more forgiving than a rotary.


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I have the Meg's DA with menzena polish and pads, and have got some really good results on both mine and friends and families cars. DA to start with until your comfortable to move onto rotary is defo the best idea.

John @ PB

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My one (kestrel DAS-6) is even cheaper now at 65 bucks DAS-6 Sander Polisher Dual Action

and the power plus model is only 95 KESTRAL DAS-6 Power Plus 850w Sander Polisher

I corrected my BMW with the regular kestrel DA and that had very hard paint (that was using sonus pads/polishes) so for Audi paint it will do the trick no problems

Yes, but ours includes a 125mm backing plate (machine is no real use with the 6 inch one included) and the price of those is £15.

Plus, our price includes, VAT, the price of the one you've shown excludes VAT and delivery; adding VAT and delivery makes that one £85.20 and you'll still need to add a backing plate with would take it to £100.20.

Ours has a full 1 year warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee. It's also in stock right now.