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end of the month start of july i believe. The only place with them in stock is am so tempted to get one but to the wife really would chastise me..


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Something tells me that as soon as PB get stock of the G220's, it wont be long before they've all gone again!!! :scared2: I may que up outside the night before lol


RS-one day soon!!
I orderd mine on the day they got the last lot in and I think they had all gone a day or so later.


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Aye, it daft last time, and I now have over two dozen folk wanting notice the day they come in, so be quick when the announcement is made; we may only get a limited allocation from Meguiars, depending on how many are being shipped in. More news will be posted as I get it! :icon_thumright:


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Anyone wanting to order one in or around London?
Im just awaiting Rich to give us the good news and I will order one, but want to take chance of the discount for over £250!

Come on ppl!!