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Dec 27, 2007
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I am going to bite the bullet and buy one of these rotary polisher kits from ebay..... criteria i have set out is for a variable speed rather than 6 speed...... my question is has anyone done the guessing the polisher priced at £50 will have a different torque to that of a £150 Makita

I am buying cheap as i wont get the use out of the Makita to warrant the cost....

Any implications of buying these cheap kits? the free pads i would imagine are probably worth binning

Advice gladly received:icon_thumright:
i've got a silverline one, the rotary is OK but the pads that come in the kit are crap ( ok to practice on a scrap panel with though)but they should be the first thing you buy for Audi paint work.
its a bit heavy but not bad but i've used rotary's before at my old job.
the speeds on it are quite smooth for a cheap thing you can roll the dial with your thumb while its going and hear/feel it pick up speed upto about 4 is enough for me.
like you said for the times i'll use it, it does the job
Are you sure you really want to go down the rotary route? It takes a lot of time and practice to get comfortable with a rotary compared to a dual action machine... :yes:
TBH Rich..... I dont want to pay 3 times more for the machine, once mastered the rotary will massively reduce work times....... from what you and a few others have said....just seems to make sense..... obviously the risks are higher but thought about just using light cutting compounds. Top and bottom is the rotary will solve all my probs quickly and efficiently once i have learnt to use it.......
good find rick!! im struggling to see the benefits of buying Makita..... would the reason be shelf life and/or the torque it puts out
Makita are very good in my opinion. Long shelf life as the motor and parts etc are seviceable. Rather than throw away when broken they can be repaired. Having had makita products for some years i have had no probs whatsoever.
The rotary is a different beast altogether. When I was doing a machine polishing tutorial with someone, they wanted a shot of the Makita on their own car. During the session they had been using their own Megs G220 Dual Action machine. When they had a go of the rotary, they did not feel comfortable at all with it and got a little scared. And that was with a 4inch pad attached, which is less torquey than the larger pads.

I corrected my A4 over 2 days with the Porter Cable DA and got really good results and that's why I stuck with it. The A4 had 5 years of severe swirling. I was challenged a few times with the DA on different cars and was glad I started my machining on it. I would recommend that if you are starting out that you do the same. You can learn a lot about abrasion, speed and control etc in relative safety. You can correct the paint on your Audi to a very good level indeed with the DA.

When I moved up to the Rotary, I got the orange Silverline from Kingdom Tools. I practised on spare panels in the workshop and immediately realised that this was a completely different ball game; it pulls you, you have to learn the best way and direction to machine a panel or section, you need to appreciate the heat build up - why it occurs, how to minimise it, where not to produce too much of it. You have to learn how to position yourself for different panels and sections. A spare panel is okay, but a real car throws so many other logistical and practical challenges your way. There's a lot of learning involved and it's really satisfying when you achieve different goals and sometimes surprise yourself. I got the rotary because I knew I was going to be trying to do lots of cars to satisfy my initial 6 months' buzz. Remember the Silverline does not have constant-speed control and so is more torquey than say the Mak. The good thing about the Silverline from KT is that it comes with a 3-yr replacement guarantee which basically gives you 3 yrs for it to break down and you can get a free one in its place. That is quite attractive. The Silverline is my spare.

In addition, to get the best out of the rotary, pad and polish choices and combinations become more critical at times to get the best out of it. Getting a rotary does not necessarily lead to better or quicker correction. It can also cause more imperfections in the paint. What do you do then? That's where learning on the DA comes in useful! I used to do paint correction in 2 days with the DA. I still do paint correction over 2 days with the rotary and could still take more time - you can always do with more time. The rotary allows me to achieve a sharper finish but it is useful to remember that it will not necessarily correct defects first time. You still require more than one hit regularly and you still have to work the polishes properly for a good length of time, in fact this is where learning and skill has to be developed to make the rotary work. My last correction took 3 days - the Boxster.

Sorry this is a bit long, but as someone who has used both the DA and rotary over the last 14 months, I hope my views can be seen as useful.
I reckon I've now corrected 6 cars with the DA and 16 with the rotary in that time and I'm still being challenged with it each month and I'm not doing cars any quicker! I do think that my increasing experience however, is making me more effective on a variety of different paints. It also makes me want to get just that little bit better each time.

Keep your eyes peeled for a secondhand DA IMO.

Hope this helps, it's my experience that's all - and I'm not selling products or machines etc. Some people may think that Rich and Clark are trying to push people down the DA route because they sell the machines and pads and all. I'm one of the people who are glad they bought a DA, and do you know what? I've still got it and still use it!

A rotary is good, but it's not always the best way forward.:icon_thumright:
JR, brilliant write up thanks mate...... thats really given me an insight into the use of the rotary vs the DA........
Come on animal your my tester, am going to buy what your going to buy :)
Not yet Will lol, im gonna wait until ive been away in July, buy when i get back:beerchug:, TBH i havent had much time on the car for a few weeks..... been busy putting fences up and laying paving :icon_thumright:

Rick..... you'll come unstuck following me mate :respekt:..... on the other buy!!! comon...... anyone else after a DA:idea:
Clark/Rich...... would there be any way we can look at a group buy on the DA.... if so, how many would we need on board
Count me in on the DA as well! I'm liking this detailing business... I'm spending more on pampering my car than I am on running it!!! :scared2: My dad's N reg A4 has got some serious swirl marks and I'm going to have that as a little project to see how I get on. Looking forward to it too! I've been wondering what polisher I should get and I think this thread has helped me make up my mind!

so is there a possibility of a group buy...... i know some of you detailers are not sure what the margins are so we'll leave it to you to comment
Quick question.... What are the differences between the Porter Cable 7424 and the Meguiars G220? I've been reading on the car care advice bit on PB's website and that said that the most popular one is the 7424 which makes me think that the G220 is a little inferior because you haven't got the hassle of the transformer?

Quick question.... What are the differences between the Porter Cable 7424 and the Meguiars G220? I've been reading on the car care advice bit on PB's website and that said that the most popular one is the 7424 which makes me think that the G220 is a little inferior because you haven't got the hassle of the transformer?


The G220 has that bit more "bite" about it over the PC and feels slightly better built :sm4:

I'll leave it up to Rich Re the G220 machines as i dont know what the latest is with Meguiars and demands on stock etc - i have nothing to do with the running of the store :)
Oh ok. So you're saying that the G220 is BETTER than the 7424? I would have thought it was the other way around considering that the PC is more popular. Finalises my decision then. :icon_thumright:
With regard to the G220 kits, because we discount the kit contents and then offer the 10% discount on top, the margin isn't great. As a result, for forum group buys we offer the usual 10% discount point for orders totalling over £250. However, this is a pretty good deal and stands up well against offerings from our competitors. At the current time, we are 3-4 weeks away from having fresh stock, as Meguiars UK have run out too (a boat is on its way from China as we speak!). :yes:
Thanks Rich, so what your saying is that if we collectively spend more than £250.....we'll get the 10% discount? or am i being cheeky lol
They are good machine's the G220 1animal1, I never used a pc before I got my G220 from poished bliss but I can say in terms of quality it does seem well built & feels robust, also I found polished bliss to be slightly cheaper than their competitors so with the 10% off you can't go wrong mate.
Anyone based in London up for this? Im looking to place order for DA as soon as stock arrives.
i think we just need to group up in twos (as you only need over £250 to get 10% off), im not buying till i come back from hols at start of July.....
i think we just need to group up in twos (as you only need over £250 to get 10% off)

If you end up doing this with someone 1animal, & if you don't mind I could do with getting in on some of the 10% action as i need to order a few bits from polished bliss in the future(I've started doing a bit of detailing at the weekends on other peoples cars):o.k:
Rich, have you got any dates yet for that fresh batch of G220's? Thanks

am being thick here

but what does rotary and dual action actually mean,
i can get a porter cable for around £105

is that a good price ?
You would also have to buy a transformer (not optimus prime) 110-240v (£10-40) plus you either have to buy the authorised cable (£20) or chop off the US plug and fit one on (<£5).

So for the same money ish you could get a Megs G220 DA (£150ish) with UK Mains plug

Good thing is we allready have a transformer :)

also when will polish bliss get g220s back in stock ?