Luggage compartment curtain sometimes not closing when tailgate closes


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I recently got a nearly new (Audi approved) Avant Sport 2.0 TDI Ultra (which I’m loving!) and have noticed that sometimes the curtain doesn’t close when the tailgate does; maybe 1 in 5 times it just stays in the top position. It’s resolved by simply opening and closing tailgate again without me doing anything else. In all cases, I’m using the remote key to open and the button on the tailgate to close.

It appears that @exca had the issue, but has anyone else experienced the problem? If so, was it resolved and how?


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I think this is because you may have (or someone else) adjusted the height of the loading space.. mine did this when I lowered the tailgate position for my garage, however put it back to the regular height and been fine since..

just a thought.