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Lubricant for wheel speed sensor

desertsage Jan 12, 2020

  1. desertsage

    desertsage New Member

    While removing the rear wheel bearing housings on my '97 B5 I made the mistake of trying to remove the wheel speed sensors and now that I've looked into it find that I should have disconnected them under the back seat, removing the wire with the WB housings. I ended up destroying both of the rear sensors which I see is a common plight.

    I have 2 new sensors on order but am wondering about the paste/lubricant that is needed to be applied on installation, part number G052142A2. It's a poly lube and expensive. Is this because you're not supposed to use anti-seize for this application? I will buy it if it's necessary, but is it? Why not just use anti-seize? Maybe anti seize negatively affects the sensor like it would the tip of an 02 sensor?

    Also, if anyone has a question about rear wheel speed sensors for this application, part numbers 8A0 927 807 C (the very expensive one for my B5) and 8D0 927 807 C (for the other b5s, relatively inexpensive, but doesn't fit my car), they are the same sensor but have different connectors and wire lengths. Just about every parts source out there says that the 8D0 part number will work for all B5 models, but this is not the case, apparently. They are VIN specific.
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  3. Moniek88

    Moniek88 Member

    You need to make sure that your lubricant is metal free, the one for polybushes should be sound. Abs/speed sensor is a basically a magnet picking the ring on your cv boot.
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  4. desertsage

    desertsage New Member

    Thank you! It's been awhile but i had this figured out via another forum. I believe the answer was to use brake grease, which I applied and has been working fine so far. ABS system seems good with no lights or codes.

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