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I live in a nice little quiet village in Norwich,never really get any trouble, however I got woken up by Mr Policeman @ silly o clock yesterday morning to ask me to be extra carefull & make sure we lock up nights...turns out our friends over the road had been robbed while sleeping-even worse is that there little 4 year old girl Cloe heard them leave,thinking it was Mum or Dad she got up to see what the noise was-found the mess and is now scared to go to bed! What sort of f**king lowlife pikey scumbags do this...What would have happened if little Cloe had disturbed them??? Makes me sick and so ****** angry:motz: :gun2: :nunu: :mad: :box: :slapped: :aggressive: I can understand why people that have caught someone doing this or similar have got into trouble for taking matters into there own hands(be it right or wrong-opinions) as I really dont know how I would control myself!!! Anyway rant over for now:weight_lift2:


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Well, unfortunantly it now happens in this day & age in Blairs and now Browns Britain.....I would love to see more police on the beat....hardly see any these days, all they do (it seems to me) is cruise around in their police cars waiting for the next road traffic accident.....so they can look important closing the roads...

Our house is continually locked these days....would hate to see what happened to little Cloe happen to our daughter!!!!


is it home time yet?
il tell you exactly what i would do and that is ANYTHING to protect my family. il make sure they're safe first then deal with the aftermath with the police later. simple.