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2015 Rs3

Im looking at lowering my RS3 it also has mag ride
first question

is it worth lowering as my last car wasn't a very nice ride when lowered also doing over 80mph shock the steering wheel even though i had the tracking done and balanced

how easy are they to change with the electronic shocks " also aware that i need to get the shocks re-calibrated..

has anyone experience steering wheel shake after balancing has been done..

Im very cautious about lowering because of the problems i had last time even though everything was right

thank you


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I would suggest that everything wasn't right if you were having all those problems.

Plenty on here far more qualified than me to comment, but lots seem to lower their cars very successfully.


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I have mag ride. No issues at all in lowering. Had H&R with the calibration and if was excellent. Went to MSS and it’s no as low but ride is great.

Zero shaking. Check proper balance of front wheels, ensure weights are on inner and outer rim and not just averaged out on only one place.

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Awesome thank you i had a really bad experience with my S3 i had so i put it back on standards afterwards and it felt so much better..