Lowering on Adaptive Air Suspension vs Springs


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I'm currently looking at buying an A6 Avant. Research so far has led me to the 3.0 TDi Quattro (Facelift), I intend to get it remapped, so as I understand it, it doesn't matter whether I get the 218 or 272 version as they're the same car except for the mapping? I have a slight preference towards the Black Edition, just because it's a higher base spec, but would be happy with the S-Line. Technology pack seems to be the one option everyone says to look for, so that's on the list too, but otherwise it's just about finding the right mileage / colour / price combination.

However... I stumbled across a few pictures of modified / lowered Allsports, which looked great. The major attraction with the Allsport is the Adaptive Air Suspension. I'll want to lower my A6, and the idea of not having to sacrifice practicality (because you can just raise it back up when you need to) is very appealing to me. Although the air suspension was an option on the Avant, it just doesn't seem to be something people went for, so there's very few for sale that have this. What I'd like some feedback on is whether the air suspension provides a better / more comfortable ride when lowered compared with lowering springs? Does anyone have any opinions or experience on this?