Lowered on PI -30mm Springs (with pics)


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After finding a broken spring on the rear of our A3 Sportback last week, I fitted a set of PI springs on Sunday, the results and pictures are below for anyone who may be interested in the ride height drop.

Measurements before (taken from the centre of the wheel up to the edge of the wheel arch): -

OSR - 350mm (broken spring)
NSR - 368mm
OSF - 375mm
NSF - 380mm (opposite corner to broken coil)

Picture before (3 months ago when I purchased the car, presumably the spring wasn't broken then)


Measurements after: -

OSR - 330mm
NSR - 340mm
OSF - 350mm
NSF - 350mm

Basically although they're sold as -30mm springs I'm seeing -25mm drop which is expected due to worn OE springs after 38k miles and the fact that the car is a sport model.

Pictures after: -




So far the ride quality seems okay, a little firmer, but not uncomfortable. I purchased the springs from here: -

PI Audi A3 Mk2 3.2 Quattro 30mm Lowering Spring Kit on eBay (end time 01-Sep-10 15:02:56 BST)

Just under £115.00 inc free delivery, I'm well chuffed... :)



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Looks good :) What size are those wheels, im still trying to decide how much to lower mine by :s


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They're the standard 17" with 225/45x17 tyres. thinking about a set of 18"s next, but can't decide which ones to go for...


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Looks good Col :thumbsup:

Some spacers on the rears wouldn't hurt :cool:


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looks lower than I would have thought but i once had some PI 40mm springs for an Ibiza and it lowered 50mm on the front and 60mm on the rear!


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Thanks for the comments folks. It's lower than I was expecting and I dubious about not going down the Eibach route as everyone seems to rate them very highly, but it's all good at the moment (except it needs a clean cos 'er indoors keeps using it).

Hmmm, refurbed 17"s and spacers or 18"s.....



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I'd like to stay with the OEM look, so I was thinking RS6 5 spokes, or some BBS OEM ones if I can find some. Was thinking about putting reps on and then heard someone say that you're better off with osed originals, so I'm browsing the 'bay for a nice set (don't have the cash just now though, so they'll have to wait a while), but getting confused over the offset that I need. So many wheels look the same but have different offsets. It's asking for a service at the moment and allegedly needs plugs, brake fluid and an interim service. Audi now have a reduced cost servicing price list for cars over 3 years old, but that only covers cars up to 2.0. Spoke to my local dealer, the £99 interim service cost went up to £180 (+ plugs and brake fluid) when I said it was a 3.2... :(


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lookin good mate thats so cheap as well. if i didnt buy new wheels last month i would have taken them off your hands