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Help Please lowered my A4 B8 - camber wrecking my tyres

lowlife89 Aug 10, 2018


What should lowlife89 do?

  1. burn the car

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  2. do the rears and rotate

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  3. go crazy and get adjustable control arms for the front

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  1. lowlife89

    lowlife89 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I put Eibach ProKit springs on my car and the car now has positive camber all around. Front is so-so, rears are messed up.
    Alignment bloke said he can't adjust the front (okay), but he doesn't want to touch the rear, cause both the front and rear are off by the same amount.

    Can't I get the rear within spec and switch tyres front to rear to get some more life out of them?

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  3. SRRAE

    SRRAE Member

    How long have you had it lowered? Positive camber? Usually when you lower you get negative.

    When I was a member of the 300ZX forums I knew a lot of people had their car lowered and didn't adjust the camber. You wont get more life out of the tyre by rotating them, well legally you wont. Having that much of the cars weight basically running on the outside edge of the tyre will make it wear down very very fast. I've known new tyres go down thread on the edge in less than 2000 miles.
    Have you looked for adjustable top mounts?
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  4. lowlife89

    lowlife89 Active Member

    Had it lowered first thing I bought it. But I just got new tyres. Wanted the most "slammed" plug and play look.

    Adjustable top mounts don't do anything on multilink I've heard. I'd need adjustable upper control arms.

    It's negative camber, right. Gonna have a chat with the guys at the alignment shops and probably put my stock springs on.
    Wrecking £500 tyres for a 1cm drop...
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  5. lowlife89

    lowlife89 Active Member

    Went to alignment shop #3.
    Rear toe should be between 0.05 and 0.10. It's at 0.21 and -0.17.
    Rear camber should be between -0.55 and -1.45, it's at -2.01 and -1.36.


    They left it like that saying they can't get to the rear alignment bolts.
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