Loud Knocking/Clunking Noise - Rear Right


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So A3 was in for MOT last week.

Passed with notes on both rear shock absorbers advising light misting of oil or has limited damping effect.

The guy told me on the phone was nothing to worry about just something to monitor to see if it got worse on future services.

Since I’ve had it back though there’s been a loud knocking/clunking noise from rear right. After initial investigation found all the tool kit had just been lobbed back in the cubby but after repacking and resecuring this properly the noise is still present.

Checked under bootliner and the spare and B&O all seem secure.

Looking inside both rear wheel arches both look the same and nothing glaringly apparent. Any thoughts on what it could be?


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When is the noise more apparent? I.e going over bumps or uneven surface’, low/high speeds etc?

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Different car I appreciate, but I had the same problem in my old Fiesta. I believe it was the suspension bushes? Think that's what they were called.

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I had knocking in the front, I replaced the front arb, drop links and topmounts and bearings. All uprated stuff. Issue resolved. Front topmounts are known for creaking although the arb bushes are known for drying out too. I haven’t had any issues with the rear, never replaced rear topmounts etc but did do arb and drop links. MQB is a nightmare for squeaks and knocks, gonna be a case of try one thing at a time :-/


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If the noise only began after the MoT test, I’d be very suspicious that the two things are related.
You mentioned that the tool kit had been removed and loosely replaced (why?). Since the noise is coming from this corner of the car, is it possible something fell out and is rattling around in the cavity? Another thought. Did they remove the tool kit to access the locking wheel nut socket in order to remove a wheel? If so, did they tighten the wheel nuts up properly? Years ago I had rattle which was loose wheel nuts!