Loud "hoo" sound?

Daniel Knight

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Looking for some advice. I have recently brought a 1.9TDI A3 (2008) and whenever I change gear the turbo makes a hoo sound. I did some research and somebody else said it sounds kind of like an owl, which it does. Is this normal?

Also 2nd gear doesn't seem to pull as much as it did when I brought the car. Almost as if the turbo isn't kicking in even though I can hear that it is.




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Sounds to me as though you may have sucked in a small barn owl who has now taken up residence in your engine bay....lol


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On the turbo petrol 2.0T engines, the diverter valves will go noisy if the diaphragm fails.

They describe it as a 'hoot' or a 'honk'... so whether it's a duck or an owl, it's definitely avian!

Happens when the throttle plate lifts off, so gearchanges are favourite... -If you don't change gear, but simply accellerate hard in gear, then lift off the gas suddenly WITHOUT hitting the clutch or changing gear... if it still happens, then that's what my guess would be.

...Assuming your diesel also has a diverter valve, that is!


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My A3 TDI made the owl noise. Everyone said it was the turbo so i spent £1000 plus getting it done & it made no difference

Save your cash, its normal

Daniel Knight

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Read this thread and see if it sounds like the noise in my video

If it does then get under your car and have a look

It does sound very similar to this, just louder. The overall sound of the engine has become louder over the past couple of days. The only thing that has changed is the amount of diesel in the car, it's quite low at the moment. Again, is this normal? ha.