For Sale Lots of V6 biturbo parts

Reza Khan

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I used to be obsessed with these 10-15 years ago, which is about as long as most of these parts have been lying around. I used to collect unusual parts to customise how the car would run

Let me know if you have a project v6 turbo land yacht S4, RS4, A6 or Passat and I will have something that fits it.

Found an A6 transmission brace, which is unusual as they were mostly on S4s

A6 eibach springs and koni shocks too, all new.

Old A6 turbo brakes will fit under 16" wheels, 320mm disks and callipers

18" BBS wheels et32 one piece x4
18" BBS 2 piece x4

Modified custom inlet and exhaust manifolds

RS4 original gearbox

Lots of big V6 heads various cam and port sizes

Compression lowering gaskets

Low friction low temp coated pistons

A big American single turbo charger Precision turbo ball bearing pt67

Other items under 'sellers other items'

Used RS4 clutch, pressure plate and flywheel £80

Clearing out this stuff as I'm wanting my first camper van. Unless there's one that these V6 biturbo parts will fit on.

Message me as I want to clear as much stuff out as possible before another lockdown so I can work on a camper over winter. Working from home is getting very boring!

Reza Khan

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All big port V6 heads have been sold and collected now.

I'm slowly adding pictures to eBay

Apparently the A6 strut brace isn't made any more, they only make it for the S4 now. Its in brand new condition never had a chance to fit it before selling the car. Starting bid £130. Link in the previous message.

Lots of unusual A6 C5 circa 1998-2003 parts, a lot in new condition just lying around in the back of the garage for over a decade. Not had a chance to stop and sit down and list them until now that I'm working from home.

Close ratio standard RS4 gearbox needing 1st gear repair + RS4 rear differential looking for offers. Needs first gear repair kit and replace the first gear shaft with the updated one, which you'll find in loads of 01E used diesel gearboxes. Doesn't require strengthening treatment to those shafts as they have a built in torsion shaft.

Loads of 30 valve V6 biturbo parts.
Standard parts and modified parts.

Standard parts - turbo vacuum hoses, wiring loom, crank case, crankshaft, intercoolers etc just ask if you're trying to restore to original spec to increase value.

RS4 original ECU and wiring loom, large memory.

S3 1.8t ECU

Modified parts - large plenum inlet manifold, fully low friction and temperature coated pistons, large throttle body.

Reza Khan

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6 pistons fully coated pistons. They've been lying in the garage for over a decade hence the white bits on the surface of them, it rubs of easily but I want to leave that to you and your engine builder so that theres no chance of damaging the coating.

People are asking me why I'm putting them there so low. It's really because I just have time at the moment. Not taking offers and not ending early on these, the price is low enough and includes brand new RS4 piston rings fitted by the coaters so the coating wasn't scratched.


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Reza Khan

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Coating is for low friction on the skirts and temperature resistance at the top and bottom. Suitable for keeping temperature down at sustained high rpm on the autobahn, vmax or circuits.

Reza Khan

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Audi A6 C5 turbo transmission brace helps reduce sloppyness of shifts.
They stopped making it now so the only equivalent is the S4 one in the last pic.


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