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I'm just back from a holiday in the Western Isles of Scotland, and it looks like mine is headed for the service bay for a few things to be sorted out.

Firstly, the airbag warning light has come on, and is staying on the whole time. From looking at previous posts, it's possible it just needs re-setting, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Next up, I've just noticed that there is excessive wind roar from the top corner of the passenger door frame. The reason I've only just noticed this is that my wife only recently passed her driving test, and I found myself sitting in the passenger seat for the first time ever, while cruising on the motorway at 80. I popped into an AA service workshop while I was away. They reckoned it was the window seal, and stuffed it full of black silicone sealant. Didn't do a thing! I think it's the door seal, not the window seal, and that the door striker plate needs adjusting so the door shuts tighter. It looks like someone's tried before now, without the right screwdriver bit (star-drive, is it called?), and it's stripped the points of the screwhead.

As it's got to go in to have these bits looked at, I thought I might get the MAF changed at the same time. There is a distinct flat-spot below 2000rpm, and I'm hoping a new MAF will cure it. What's the maximum I should be charged for this? I've read a variety of comments, ranging from £75 on exchange, to about £300. Any further contributions would be welcome, so I know how much I'm being ripped off by my friendly Audi Centre /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Lastly, is it worth getting the cambelt done just now? I've read comments about 60K, the general consensus seems to be 80K for the 2.8 30V. Mine's done 63K miles now, and I'm tempted to do it now, while the car is in for other work. But, if it's a really expensive job, then I might still wait a while. Bearing in mind I only do about 8K a year, it'll be anothet two years before it reached the 80K mark. Who's had it done, how much did it cost, and what was the mileage?

P.S. The holiday was great! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


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THis is info from the States, so you'll have to adjust that for your country...

You can do the belt yourself with the right equipment. It is expensive becaus of labor only. The part is a minimal expense compared to the total charge.

The MAF is very expensive if purchased from Audi. There are many suppliers who charge a lot less here, but they wouldn't be right for you since these are U.S. spec MAF's. Needless to say, you should be able to find an MAF for less in the UK.

From the description of the wind noise and the door, it would seem as though your suspicions are correct. Get the striker plate re-adjusted with new hardware.

Your airbag light probably does need to be reset. The service tech can be sure after checking what the code shows. If you have a VAG-COM or access to one, you can do this yourself. Be aware that airbag resets are tricky and you'll need to be advised by ROSS-TECH on proper procedures if you use the VAG-COM.