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Lots of niggles with my S6... all help gratefully received!

Redbaron1973 Apr 12, 2017

  1. Redbaron1973

    Redbaron1973 V10's rule

    Hi all,

    Have an '06 S6 Avant wit 90k which has led an interesting life... fighting the dark forces of evil.

    To cut a longer tale very short it is now mine - warts and all..

    I have the following questions issues if anyone can help?

    1. what should be at the the front of the under armrest compartment? i have some screw holes but no item? 2nd cup holder?

    2. best place for some new DRL's - they both work but have crqcked outer plastic.

    3. anyone know what colour the outside of the grill is so i can paint it - it is badly chipped.

    4. Does anyone else have what i can best describ as matt taillights on the boot lid where as the outers are gloss? i recall having seen a few A6's like this... going to try to polish them up.

    5. AMI / iPod - worth it or start buying bit to go 3G high rather than 2G high?

    6. Tyres - currently on conti's but 2 have very minor side wall chunks from poor parking... so will replace all 4... what are people finding quiet the conti's are like living in a tumble dryer..

    7 The potentially big one. I have a random Oil Pressure / Level warning. It comes and goes at will once the car is warmed up. Generally the lower the speed the more it appears.. The car has good oil level, seemingly is flowing well, no funny noises just a persistent warning. Is this the usual VAG shoddy sensor or should i panic?

    I should say the car pulls very strongly and well well in to 3 figures :)

    Already swapped out front pads as had just hit the warning sensor, and about to sort exhaust/ map but want to put the ruddy oil pressure warning to bed first. Could it have the wrong oil in - i see lots of V10 oil threads but generally only in R8 form?


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  3. Scottyg

    Scottyg Registered User

    Can't answer anything other than your rubber question. I too hate Conti's. You'll get very mixed views on here as some like them. The newer ones are seemingly better but......! The quietest tyres I've had on any car were Avons. Longest lasting were Michelin or Nankangs. Those were also very well priced and I found them to be great!
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  4. KrisKrk

    KrisKrk A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant

    Great motor's S6's. Congrats!

    1. In mine A6 there are two compartments. One smaller for business cards and second one, larger jus for general stuff (to he sorted out later)

    2. Have you tried eBay. I think the best place to find second hand and oem pieces

    3. What part tou exactly referring to? The grille surround, that is chrome or the grille itself, that is just black plastic?
    If it's chipped or flaking off and you want to paint it, go all over it with colour of your choice

    4. Have exactly same issue with my car. Thought it had and impact to the boot lid at some point and the inner lamps been replaced as only the outer ones are glossy.
    Thought of polishing it out or tint them with a slightly smoked matte film. If not, polish them all and apply the transparent glossy film to protect all lamps and make them look same

    5. If I would do any additions or changes, I would do a list of thing needed for each option first. If 3G high MMI upgrade would've brought more to the system and the car itself, I would choose thet route. It also freshen up the car.
    There is a member here B5NUT who did planty of additions to he's car and upgraded the MMI. He's very knowledgable and can advise professionally. Drop him pm for a list of things.

    6. I have conti's sport rubbers at the rear axle which covered nearly 20k and stared to sound now like driving on logs. Howling noise inside the car coming from the rear starting in 15+ mph. Have to put the volume up to cover it.
    MOT soon so I'll wait for verdict
    At the front have the Minerva 105's and they are fine. Not as loud

    7. Scan the car with VCDS to make sure it is nothing major and go from there.
    You can change the oil and filters if just got the car to be on the safe side.

    Hope I could help
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  5. Steveredman

    Steveredman Registered User

    Question 4.

    Same problem when I got my A6, I ordered this polishing kit and it worked a treat:-

    Follow the instructions carefully and also grab a bottle of sealant to protect them afterwards:-

    Did mine a few months ago and they are still looking great
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
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  6. RC944

    RC944 Guest

    the grille on mine is grey

    oil i go for castrol edge 0 30

    i have the AO fitment contis on mine and they cost a small fortune but have been fine so far. as for road noise no comparison here as i fitted them shortly after i bought the car

    for the drl be sure to get oe audi and try german ebay or ebay uk - thats where i got mine from as they were throwing up a code even though they worked fine

    to stand a decent chance of fault finding get yourself to the nearest vcds person!
  7. Redbaron1973

    Redbaron1973 V10's rule

    Am making slow progress.. do have VCDS and have cleared a lot of old fault codes :)

    2nd cup holder in armrest sorted.

    I have one DRL sniped - hopefully that will arrive intact.

    The leather has been repaired / recoloured and now is actually silver not brown. Working on seatbelts now.

    Oil pressure switch is wating to be swapped - but as thats a nose off job it is waiting till my AC condenser arrives.

    Some of the exhaust resonators fell off.... whoops.

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