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Lost Control !

mickyh7 Jun 22, 2019

  1. mickyh7

    mickyh7 New Member

    So I'm doing about 50mph going around a tightish bend when all 4 wheels seemed to lock up, i felt the car slide a couple of feet then regrip! What a fright i put it down the Derv on the road. 10 minutes later it happened again driving off a large roundabout. Then i got a message Gearbox Overheating modify your driving? I was mot driving hard at all. Then i noticed when pulling away slowly the car is jumping from 3rd to 1st? Then i get a warning No Reverse Gear?
    Car is 2014 3.0 TDI 40k
    All gears now working after turning off then back on?
    Its frightening- anyone offer me any suggestions please?
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  3. mickyh7

    mickyh7 New Member

    Back to broken again but Reverse is working now!
    Recovery Truck tomorrow to the Audi specialists still got 3 weeks of warranty left thank goodness
  4. DaveW

    DaveW Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    Wow, that's lucky with the warranty. Hope they get it sorted quickly for you.
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  5. mickyh7

    mickyh7 New Member

    Audi Independent Specialist quoted £4k.
    Dealer I bought it from had it recovered back to themselves and had the work done by a Gearbox Specialist localy for £1600.
    All done on warranty.
    Got a 12 month guarantee on the reconditioned Mechtronic Unit.
    Car is driving beautifully.
    Hopefully Happy Days!
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