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Lost all DAB reception after frosty morning

Rog Dec 2, 2019

  1. Rog

    Rog Member

    After a really hard frost this week I lost DAB reception but still had AM/FM. I drove about 10 mins and parked the car up in full sun. Went back to the car an hour later and DAB was back.

    I must admit to using a defrosting technique passed on by an old neighbour many years ago - if the car is on a drive, simply run an extension lead to a fan heater in the car on minimum setting (1KW) and leave for 10-15 mins. Not only are the windows cleared, the interior is nice and warm when you get in!

    I suspect that the loss of DAB was due to condensation in an aerial connection, which was cleared by letting the car warm up in full sunlight.

    My question is - where is the DAB aerial? Is it in the shark fin or is that just for GPS? Or is it in the rear or side windows (the car is an Avant)?

    Has anyone else experienced loss of DAB?
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  3. WarwickBoy

    WarwickBoy Active Member

    One of the advantages of electric cars is you can program them to switch on each morning and run the heater to defrost the car via the heaters, and the car is nice and warm to boot (with no loss of range as it is plugged in to the home charger). My wife has this on her 2017 Nissan Leaf. She smiles while I manually defrost my 2020 Avant with de-icer. EVs are the present and the future!
  4. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    As you can with A4 produced for colder climates that have a programmable auxiliary heater. Here https://shops.audi.com/en_GB/web/zubehoer/comfort-protection/interior/auxiliary-heater suggests you can also purchase it as a accessory for the A3 and Q2 but the explanation on how it works is much the same as a factory fit. All I miss is the heated windscreen which, when I ordered my A4 in 2016, was a £400 option but it never happened....
  5. Happy Grumpz

    Happy Grumpz Well-Known Member Silver Supporter

    Yup me, last week!!! The signal was very weak then as soon as I put on the rear screen defrost it just went off altogether.

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