Loss power during mild acceleration with Smoke and jerking engine


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Hey guys, I have a A4 B7 2.0T 6speed manual @109K miles, completely stock. I drove from LA to the Bay area and stayed there over the summer. The car has some acceleration issue. I first noticed during the uphill road either on highway or regular road. if I step on the gas pedal to hit around 2200RPM to maintain the speed on uphill or mildly accelerate on hill, the exhaust burst smoke and I can smell from the open window (exhaust gas leak out from engine bay?). I can feel the engine stuttering/jerking with some clicking/ticking noise from under the hood.

Now I am back to LA and I found the car experiencing the same issue even on the flat LA freeway if I pull the car to pass 2200RPM. This could happen on any gear but mostly on high gears (4-6 gear). This did not happen every single time but I will say about 35% of the overall time. Also the car will burst smoke from 2200RPM to about 5500RPM (I did a test) if the smoke starts while I keep push the gas pedal without changing gear. However if I up/down shift and release then step on the gas pedal it may not happen again in the next gear.

Some other things I noticed and may link to the syndrome: 1. if I turn the A/C on, I can feel the power loss and the RPM drop faster when pressing clutch during gear change. 2. The car consumes much more oil than before: 1 qt for 500 miles!!

The valve cover gasket kit replaced @ 100K mi and same as the spark plugs. PCV recalled @90K mi

First thing I am guessing is the PCV since I can smell the smoke while I was driving on highway, but it’s only 20K old… second I want to check turbo, but how can I check since I did not loss the boost? Then I was to check the ignition coil as I heard it is a common issue and it may cause misfire… these are my top ideas. Those parts are expensive I don’t want to shoot blindly…

This has been very weird and I am hoping it won’t blow the turbo or any internal components. I appreciate any possible ideas/help you all may be able to offer. Thanks!!!