loss of power / stuttering about 3000 rpm

Sep 6, 2004
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west yorkshire
Been absent for a while as my family seem to take all my spare time atm but my 2002 S3 has just developed a fault.

Had a good blast on the way home tonight car felt great. Went to over take again and as I pulled out and put my foot down there was no power then it stuttered and passed ok. Slowed down and went to accelerate again and the car stuttered as soon as it got above 3000 rpm.

Came home steady and cleaned my forge DV valve but no change. Took it for another run and still stuttering but if I slowly build up the power it seems ok to 5000 rpm but if I accelerate too hard it stutters.

Tried to run it without the MAF connected and it seems better in 1st and 2nd but stutters in 3rd and above.

Any pointers as I try and calm the kids down ready for bed. Its never had a MAF but has only done 76k.

thanks for any help.
Mine did this with a coilpack problem.
My engine management light flashed while it did it
if it was coil packs / plugs would it drive ok up to 3000 rpm. Its smooth as silk up to 3000 rpm I havn`t seen any engine management lights flashing.

thanks for replys
just another thought I filled up with v power this morning from a recently changed over garage (was esso now shell) hope its not fuel related as onlt do 100 miles every 2 weeks
My coil problem got worse the harder i drove. I could drive low revs ok.
Don't mean to hijack ur thread I'm new on here just bought a y reg s3 and it does the same as yours loses power at 4000 rpm chuggers a bit n will then keep going I noticed it in. 5th and 6th
Do the revs seem to stick when changing gear at highish revs?
Never put car in for coil pack recall so might try Audi on that score on monday. See if she drives any different in the morning when cold.

Typically just got new discs and pads to fit all round next week but looks like i will be fault finding now. bah not what I need with the Family issues going on at the moment

Havn`t noticed the revs sticking just go up in lumps if that makes sence get to 4k pause up to 4.5k pause and so on
Have you scanned it for faults? VCDS. I had a similar issue last week turned out to be the MAF. Replaced all sorted.
trying to get hold of a mate to get it scanned, I havn`t got the facilities to scan myself :( always meant to have but never freed up the funds.

I tried running the car without the MAf connected but think it ran the same it is only on higher revs and in gears 3 and above. Drives fine on a normal run and revs ok in 1st to 5k 2nd just stutters at 5k but 3rd upwards stutters above 3-3.5k.
got car scanned last night and cylinder 1 has a miss fire, swapped coil pack with cylinder 4 and missfire moved so looks like I need a new coil pack.

thanks for all the help