Loosing my patience! :@


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Got new number plate LED's.

Easy. old screws out. New LEDs in screws back in.

Decided to buy some hex nuts for ease of removal in future so purchased 2 x M3 screws as directed.

They won't screw into the lamp holder!!!!

They fit through the hole of the light but they won't fit into the hole drilled in the car :mad:

Yes okay lets put the screws back in .. oh whats that? I can't because i dropped them in the ******* rain and can't find them :mad:


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my ones did cant you dril the lamp holders holes to make them fit? Pics please.


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i drilled 2 new holes just aside of the original used small amount of sealer to block original hole and used to new screws and they work perfect with no cost just a little tlc