Looking to swap my sports suspension for comfort


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hi there,

I raised this in another thread and had it all checked out. My sport b9 suspension is working as intended and has done 1000 miles at time of writing,

I am looking to swap with someone who has se comfort suspension. Ideally In a car that has done less than 10k

I will pay for transplant and may travel.

If anyone else can suggest any other forums or places to post this I would very much appreciate it as the ride is too firm for ayshire roads and really bothers me.

It corners very nice though!!!


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Have u tried the comfort suspension? Maybe it's not such a big difference and in final it doesn't deserve the money spent.
By the way, in my A4 I also ordered the comfort suspension because of the roads in my country...:(. But I didn't tested either the sport or the comfort adaptive suspension, just the standard one


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I would have thought the cost of transfering the suspension over in two cars might be close to that of just swopping out the car for another one. Then there is the possible loss of warranty and the extra cost in insurance.
If the car is subject to finance it would also be a good idea to ask them if they would actually agree to it as the finance package is based upon the current vehicle...


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Or go for something aftermarket and put the original suspension back on when you're selling / trading it back?

That said, I doubt anyone would ever know or care at hand back time.


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Hmm I guess I haven't tried.

The firm seat is starting to bother my back too. I think I'll just take the hit and live with the car for three years. No point throwing good money after bad.

Next time comfort will be much more of a priority.