Looking to make my A3 8P 2007 a bit louder


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Hello, I was looking to make my A3 sound a bit louder without going for a full system if possible


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I never really understood the need to make a car louder, now faster I get.


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Now I can relate to what you are saying as I enjoy the exhaust note from our cars, two of which have uprated performance so increased gas flow through the exhaust generally means more noise. The noise needs to be tuneful and not a row. So driving through a tunnel type situation with my cars is quite rewarding. However, just adding less silencers often makes the exhaust sound chavvy and may drone on the motorway.
Adding a downpipe with a sports cat will increase the sound level but the extra benefit is that increased performance is released with a suitable remap.
It all depends on what you want to achieve and your budget but a non resonated catback is not really the answer.


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Downpipe with sports cats and non-res catback if you want loud.

All depends on your budget.