Looking to get a 3.0tdi Le Mans avant


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I'm looking to get my first Audi after many VW's.

Got my heart set on a 3.0tdi Le Mans avant.

I've always driven manuals so my big question is the tiptronic box any good?

I understand this is not like a dsg box?

I have seen 2 cars for sale close to me. 1 a manual and the other tiptronic. Annoyingly it looks like the tiptronic is 189 co2's which means £265 road tax as opposed to £225 for the manual.

I'd love to hear thoughts on manual vs tiptronic. The cars I'm looking at have 70,000 on the clock and are 5 years old. Many thanks.


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I have the 2007 A6 allropad with 6 speed tiptronic & 3.0tdi, this was my first auto box.
Also have an 170 ps A3 with 6 speed manual.
I drive both cars regulalry and never wish i was driving the manual. In S mode the box is genuinely decent and shifts quickly and smoothly. If you are really hammering it or you accelerate hard while in gear there is a noticeable pause whilst it thinks about what to do but im being picky mentioning it.
Pulling away from lights is great just bury your foot and it takes care of it, you have to really pay attention to shift as well in a manual.
The only thing i really miss is the direct drive "feeling" like in the A3 that you get when you floor it. Whilst modern auto box's dont have huge drive losses i cant help feeling some of the 3.0's power is lost.
70,000 on the tiptronic isnt considerd high mileage at all. They are sealed for life.
Some people get issues with clunky changes and find changing fluid (£300 ish) solves the issue.
As i said mines a 2007 and has done 80,000 miles, Audi are still offering me to renew my extended warranty so are obviously not pannicked by gearbox going bad at this kind of mileage/age.


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i had a tip tronic before this and they are good but nothing like a Manuel but to be fare mine only a 2.0tdi but i would stick with manual make a different driving experience