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Quick hello, i currently own a A6 avant 2.0 tdi 170 Black edition c6 but are looking at buying a Quattro or Hopefully allroad 272ps from 16 plate onwards as we will be touring around Europe soon so easier towing and extra grip will be needed! Any advice, help And links would be much appreciated,


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No real advice to give tbh. I have a BiTdi allroad facelift and it's fantastic. I fitted my genuine towbar last year and other than a quick code at my local independent dealer for it, the car is sublime. I could not want for anything better at this moment in time

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Finally got a floret sliver and it seems great so far.
I would say the materials used are not as good as the c6 avant we had before and the interface still looks so dated!
But the car is so capable, and the engine is effortless! Just need to arrange a roof box and bars now!