Looking to buy a diesel a6 avant c6


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I currently drive a very reliable 1.6 golf 2002. it's never going to die on me (I think). Love the car but it's just too small and I am doing a lot of motorway miles (14,000 per year) which warrants a diesel.

I was looking at a a4 as it has a choice of smaller engines, but ride and comfort is important to me as well. Comfort being a major factor for me as I am in the car sometimes 8-9 hours a day.

Also I carry equipment (not much to warrant a van), but enough to warrant an estate. I have a question for a6 owners here:

Do the rear seats fold down flat?

Are the automatic gearbox reliable or should I get manual. I always go for manual gearbox in older cars.

What is the best (most reliable) diesel engine. Looking for fuel economy mostly.


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Is this a heavier or sluggish car compared to the a4?

I never owned a diesel before, is the DPF or DMF common faults


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Are the many different engine variants among the 2.7 or 3.0 which is the holy grail engine variant in terms of reliability?

Is the 2.0 complete off the cards for a heavier estate? 2.0 is a much more common engine and I would like to go for a more common engine for the sake of servicing and repair costs.


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Any other issues I haven't thought of, feel free to chime in.

I had to break this single post up into 4 as the forum bot kept saying the message looks like spam.


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Hi, Welcome to The Best Audi Forum In The World.

As an 2.0 2010 Avant user, can't say enough about inside comfort and space in this car.
Jumped from Skoda Fabia to 2005 A4 and to this one. Propper upgrades with every car. Space, size and economy wise.

As far as weight to power ratio is concerned in this motor, factory fitted 168bhp in there so there is already something to pull it away. I had it than remapped to stage 1, with dpf gutting and egr off. Now it should do around 30bhp more. God knows how much torque it has, as was not on dyno.
My clutch looks like be going soon so there would be no point of doing dyno anyway.
Had to reduce bhp and torque ,after remap, because clutch was slipping.

DMF and clutch is not cheap replacement job and it may set you (and me) back for £900-£1000 with this engine.
Look for those which had it done, in older cars, or have plenty of it left. Hard to tell anyway, as it's all hydraulic.

Boot is huge! Not as big as Q7 but when you drop the seats down, and they do go flat down, you could probably sleep there. I'm 6'4" and would definitely fit in there, length wise. Hmm, will check that one day, actually.

Ride and comfort. SE models deliver smoother/softer ride (to me) and wish would have something less stiff which Sline is, as have back problems.
Sline seats, however, are wicked. Love them because they just fit around you like sport seats but too much, like Recaro ones. You'll feal secure, when cornering and still have bit of an bounce in them. Adjustable lumbar support should be a standard, I think so with electric or manual seats, plenty of playing around to find your sweet spot.
Head and leg room is enough to accommodate me (sitting low and quite straight, close to the steering wheel, as for tall bloke like me). Wifey never complained about lack of leg room, when she was sitting behind me, so even passengers will get comfort.
Cannot say much about rear seats. Never sat in them. Apart from occasional moments when was doing something at the back. Again, wife never complained about it so think she was happy with it.
Suspension in an Sline is harder than SE, and might not be to everyone's liking. See loads of SE models on the road (older C6 cars) but Sline is a must, if you after the sporty look also.

Heard some rumors about auto gear boxes but cannot confirm anything. Drive reliable and preferred manual. Your left knee might get occasionally sore in the city traffic but it actually might be my clutch.

Economy. Do not know how much mpg I do, thb. LOL. Can say, I cover around 430-450 miles on the full £75-£80 tank. Always fill in to max and drain it down to low message displayed. From there is always about 40miles still to do. If you drain this down, you'll probably need to fill it up with £5-£7 more of diesel? Combined runs (hardly doing them) can reach up to 450-480/490 miles on the full tank? You do the math. LOL
This is all after remap. Was slightly lower with factory set up.
Don't know about other engines.
Had my A4 remapped and all that, so economy was also on the 1.9 engine.
When was going to Broadstairs from London, nice long drive with 4 adults on board and beach stuff in boot (saloon), dis was showing I could still do 600 miles. It was gradually increasing with each covered miles, driving 80-100mph (overtaking). Maximum it showed me 750miles can still do when run out of road/reached sea. LOL. That was brilliant trip and non-stop drive.

Going back to DPF. It can give you problems but on shorter trips. As long as you do long runs to allow it to burn off soot, you'll have plenty of life. Hoping previous owner was looking after that also. Other solution, is to get it gutted and tuned for emissions.
If We're with emissions, Avoid cars which had a recall for it and we're not put back to pre stage. It can mess up your egr badly!
I went for it and had my car tuned afterwards. Thoughtful choice, been told.

Been told by a guy who tuned my car (@bobby singh , remember this name as you might need him for any engine mods/queries/jobs you can only think of), I should go for a 3litre. Insurance would kill me so had to stop listening to him. Would get too much tempted and go for it, what could result in a divorce. LOL
Cannot say anything about them and 2.7's. Wait for some member with that engine under their bonnet, for input.
See 2.7 and 3.0 lot on the road but 2.0 mainly older PFL models. Must mean something. I took my 2.0 badge off, as was embarrassed. LOL

Servicing my 2.0 was fair in cost. Cabin filter was easy (tricky access) to replace myself. Air filter have replaced also myslf with K&N performance filter (Bobby wasn't happy about it. Said, it could potentially damage turbo by bigger particles flying in with air, onto it. Did not researched on it and cannot confirm/deny. He must know on it more so probably right). Oil and filter with fuel filter costed me about £70-£75? ECP had an offer in the early summer and was carrying stuff around for few months in the boot until got to the service time/mileage. Labour can vary from garage to garage. First service paid the guy £50 for labour (only engine service) but just now (about 3 months ago) did full service and paid £90 + additives (injector cleaner ect.).

I think I covered the lot for you.

I you have further/other questions, give us a shout.

Don't forget to show us your ride, once and if purchased.


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mine is a 2010 2.0 TDI s line le mans, saloon model - i'm 6'5" tall and theres loads of room.
i do around 70 miles per day commuting and returns 47mpg sat around 70 - 75 on motorway.
Boot is mahoosive - i have to stretch right in to reach the back - and seats fold down - could be an option than an estate.
had it 8 months today and love it.


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2.7tdi quattro avant and I get 26-32 around town. 40+ on a run.

Its currently not running the best so not sure if these will improve once serviced and fixed.

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