Hi all just been looking to upgrade to a b6 a4 just wondering whats the main things to look out for. been looking at 1.8t engine and the 1.8t quattro. was looking at the 2.0 but i have been told they are sluggish and boring to drive. there is one a4 i got in mind 1.8t quattro in silver.
here are the details:
Manual, y reg silver black leather trim 92350 miles fash last@ 86k 1 previous owner climate esp bose multi cd abs t&t excellent throughout.

my budget is 6.5k max so looks like it will have to be a high miller been looking at tdis but i would prefer a 1.8t or 1.8t quattro also what are the running costs like between the 2?.any advise please?

I think you would struggle to find a tdi for that price range. I wouldn't be put off by a car with slightly higher miles, as most of them have been company cars spending most of their time on the motorway, so miles wouldn't mean much especially as the one you are looking at has full audi service history. Resale value would be quite a bit higher on the quattro if you could get your hands on one in that price range, always buy the best spec you can afford, as it will stand you in good stead come resale time.


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Hi Dips

Good choice in Motor mate, I bought a y Plate B6 (8E) 1.8t Quattro couple of month ago, High miles if you want to call it that, just over 100,000 but did drive (I say DID as Ill explain further on) beautiful and you wouldnt have thought it had done half of that, Same thing, ex company car, Full service history, one owner etc...

..until (and dont let this put you off) the Engine Died on me 3 weeks after I had it due to the COMMON failed Oil pump on these models, turned out to be a £3200 bill for 2nd hand engine and turbo fitted!!!!!

Common fault on these motors is the build up and the oil pick up pipe, Its called Oil sludge, It blocks then starves the engine and Bang, see ya!!!

...So what Im saying here mate is if I was you, Id go for it, but when you do get it, for sake of few hundred quid, Get the Oil pump changed and a good service as plenty will tell you thats it a common fault with the AVJ Engine (which is what yours will be and trust me they are very Rare to get hold off), also if it has got Longlife service then Scrap it and do the usual 10000 mile service, Trust me.

I got mine back last week after its transplant and its Lovely, Hasnt put me off but done my head in having to fork out a load of dosh before Xmas.

I didnt have a leg to stand on as there was no warning and no Build up to the bang so couldnt go back to the seller (who was very heplful when I told him) its just one of thos things I suppose.

In America, AUDI extended the Warrenty on this type of engine for 8yrs due to the common fault - Not a Chance over here though, Typical.

Maybe the Audi you are going for could be checked out before you decide to buy!!! Wouldnt wish what I went through on anybody.

Consumption, id say 135 - 160 miles to £20 Vpower, thats driven normal, 110 - 120 when you have a little led foot!!
Power wise, well Ive always had Subarus and its no contest obviously...but for a 163bhp, they are quite nippy, Lovely and smooth with it. Not a pocket rocket but helps you out when you need it. Brill on the Motorway.

tdi you will struggle as donald has said for that price, another 1000 - 1500 would get you one but go with the Petrol engine mate.

Apart from that id say thats all you need to look out for.

Hope my Essay has given you some advice and help.



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....to add also, I managed to get mine for £5500 and thats with the Full 10 speaker Bose, Full Grey Leather, climate etc in Bright Red with New Alloys and a spare set...was very lucky It was up for £6500 but I haggled, pulled a few wants and needs (ie New discs and pads due sooner han he thought) and he gave in.

Just stand your ground and tell him what you want to pay and work from there.

The one you are going for doesnt happen to be on the Auto trader site does it??? reason being, I was looking up at some and because they are quite rare, That one stood out!!!


Hi j7uss thanks for the advise mate that was a big help. ohh new engine thats harsh sorry to hear about that mate. that got me a bit nervous now lol. ive got an a4 now b5 1999 1.9tdi remmaped by jabba car looks good just want something newer and petrol without breaking the bank. here is the link from autotrader mate.
once again thank you for the advise


its the 3rd one down the silver a4.


one more quick question is that AVJ Engine 1.8t the same engine used in the non quattro normal fwd drive models? i dont mind a fwd but a quattro would hold more. i would like darker colours such as black or ming blue or a bright red. also will my rs6 wheels ive got on my b5 fit stright on the b6?


that a4 is now sold. there is that other with 109k but is worrying that it has got 3 owners bit of a put off.


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That Audi was Worth its Price mate, Shame its sold though. Id stick to Quattro if you can as I find they hold the road more solid and feel the difference between the 2wd straight the way, Im only saying that because my old boy used to have the 163t 2wd '02 plate, triptronic and it was nice to drive but soon as I tested the 4wd, well that did it for me.

As I was saying Earlier, I didnt want to put you off, I was just advising you on the Fault that can and could occur, Maybe not for a long time or maybe as Quick as mine, I'd still get it checked out just incase, Your a Leicester Lad so I take it you are familiar with Audi/VW Lion Garage (jarvis st) Thats who did my replacement, Martin will tell you about the common fault.

Id still go for one but have a New Oil pump and Service for few hundred quid for peice of mind, You'll be ok!!

As far as im aware there were 2 types of engine in these models, its just a case of like for like whichever one is in yours you'll need the same. the 2 types I beleive is AVJ and AMB (http://www.autoshoppingcenter.com/Volkswagen/audi_enginescode.html)

The wheels should fit without any probs.

The other Audi, Id take a miss if it was me, Like you say higher mileage with 3 owners wont always turn out to be Motorway mileage and motorway mileage id prefer as the 'round the town thrashing' its had.Hold out and you'll find one that you take a liking to.

Mine is the nice red,was originally after the Denim Blue (think thats the colour) but damn hard to find within my budget, had the Black bits colour coded straight away as I thing they look nasty and tacky.

New year im grabbing the Votex Kit with some 19inch A8 alloys...they look the dogs doolallys....a suttle remap by MRC I reckon too!!!


thanks for the advise man. i will keep u update how i get on. this week autotrader is dead no good ones. just gotto wait in there. yeah lion garage they good for vag cars. my mate is also a vag mechanic so i could ask him to sort few things out. u from leicester mate? speak 2 u later let me know if you see any good a4s in my budget thats for the advise again mate.


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No Probs mate, Ill keep an eye out for you, like I say hang in there. Im also a Leicester lad too.